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How do I import tracking numbers?

You can import tracking numbers into the shopping cart using a CSV file. This is useful if you have a lot of tracking numbers to enter or you obtained them from another source that already has them in the CSV format.
Before you read the rest of this article please read the article found here This article explains most of the setting you will find when importing tracking numbers. The only difference is the Update order status to which you will see when importing tracking numbers. You will not have to insure that images or downloaded products will need to be upload to the server either. The only thing you might have to upload if chosen as an option would be the tracking number CSV file. If this is the case then you will need to upload the CSV file by FTP to the admin/import folder before continuing.

Once you have read the other article and made changes to all the necessary options and setting please click the Next button. You may now be presented with a page with options to link import fields. You will then need to select the proper field in the drop down boxes. After this is completed, again click the Next button to continue. You will be taken to another page that will have a button called Start Import. Click this button to import the tracking numbers. When it is done you will be presented with a message stating that the import was successful.

You have successfully completed the import of tracking numbers.

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