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How do I get the newest version of a template?

If there is a newer version of a template that you are using available it is not always so obvious. To check to see if there is a newer version you will have to log into the control panel of your shopping cart. You will then need to click the blue Store Design link found at the top of the page. After the page loads you will be presented with an image of your current store design that you are using. If you take a look to the right of the image you will have three buttons. To see if there is a newer version click the button labeled Check for Newer Version. The shopping cart will now check to see if you have the newest version or not. If you do you will be presented with a message indicating that you have the newest version. If you don't then you will get a green highlighted message stating that there is a newer version for download. The button you clicked to see if there is a newer version has now changed to say Download Newer Version. If you would like to have the newer version the click this button. Once it is done you will be informed that it was successful.

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