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How do I create a new page for my shopping cart?

The shopping cart allows you to make new web pages for your store. This can allow you to put custom information, images, etc. that you want available to your customers in your store. To make a new page simply follow these steps.

  1. Log into the control panel of your shopping cart.
  2. Then click the Website Content tab which will display a drop down menu.
  3. Now click Create a Web Page. You will now be faced with some options and settings for your new page.
  4. There is a couple options available for This Page Will, but to simply create a web page for displaying information or images select
  5. Now give your page a title. This will also be the name of the link that is displayed in your store's navigation menu.
  6. You can now add the content for the new page in the editor. The editor gives you tools to format text, insert images, and create links. Go a head and complete the content portion of your new web page in this editor.
  7. You can now change the Navigation Menu Options. These settings give you the option to have the link displayed in the navigation or not to, and where you would like the new web page to be shown in the navigation menu if you choose to have it visible.
  8. Next you have the META options that can be edited for your needs. These options are mainly for search engine optimization. I would recommend filling these in to help with search engines indexing your store.
  9. For most cases the Template Layout File will be page.html unless you have another layout file that you would like to use.
  10. If you would like to have this new web page to be the page that is first viewed when customers visit your store then put a check mark in .
  11. Also if you would just prefer registered users to be the only ones that can view this page then put a check mark in .
  12. Now for Sort Order you will usually not enter anything unless you want to change the order that the new web page is listed in when you view web pages that have been created. If you feel the need to change this behavior help can be found by hovering the mouse over the blue circle with a question mark in it.
  13. You can now click Save & Exit to save the changes of your new web page.

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