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How do I use the Bulk Discount Rules for my products?

Discount Rules allow you to set bulk discounts for products. A bulk discount is when a customer purchases a certain amount of a product, then they will receive a discount per item based upon the amount of items purchased.

To setup a Discount Rule you must first must enter in an item range for this rule to apply to, where a range can either be a number or a '*' (astrix). An example would be between 6 and '*', this will mean that this rule applies to customer who have bought 6 or more of this product. Another would be between '*' and 12 where this rule would apply to customer who have bought between 1 higher than the previous rule (or 1 if there was none) and 12. The 'from' range field (the first field in the range) can only be an astrix if the previous 'to' field (the second field in the range) is an actual number, just so there is an absolute divier between the 2 rules. The 'from' and 'to' range fields in the same rule cannot both be an astrix, either one must have a number.

The next field in the rule is the type of discount. There are 3 types:
  • Price discount is the price that is to be taken off for each item purchased
  • Percentage discount is the percent that is to be taken off for each item purchased
  • Fixed price is the new price for each item purchased
After this the next filed will be the actual discount that will be applied for each item of this product purchased. The price and fixed price discount must be a positive price and the percent discount must be a positive number.

Bulk Discounts will not be available for products that contain variations or if the Bulk Discount is set to disabled, in which case you will need to go to the 'Store Settings' admin and enable it under the 'Display Settings' section.

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