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I want to set up Wholesale Prices. How do I do that?

You may set up wholesale groups with pricing discounts at the product, category, or storewide level by using our Customer Group function that is available from the Admin Control Panel by clicking on the "Customer" tab and then clicking "Customer Groups".

From there, you need to click the "Create a Customer Group Button", give the group a name and fill out the rest of the form.

Caution: If you really are going to be giving discounts to a group of customers, you may not want them to be signed up for that group automatically.

You will need to add customers to the groups through the View Customers screen at:
Home > Customers > View Customers

There is a "Group" dropdown box.

Another option that some people choose is to issue a coupon with no limits on usage for a percentage discount, although you will obviously have less control of that than you will the groups feature.

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