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I found the HTML files, but what are all these variables with the percentages around them supposed to be?

Those are variables that represent other sources of code. I'll briefly touch on each of the different kinds of variables and where you can edit them from:

1) %%LNG variables are Language Variables. They are set from the language.ini files located at /language/[yourlanguage]/

2) %%Panel variables are Panel Variables for including Panels in the /templates/[yourtemplate]/Panels directory.
So...for example. %%Panel.AccountOrderStatus%% (as seen in account_orderstatus.html) would be including the file located at /Panels/AccountOrderStatus.html.

3) %%Snippet variables follow the same format, except the files are located in the Snippets directory of your template.

4) %%GLOBAL variables are Global Variables. They are set up from several locations, but usually from a file located in the [cartlocation]/includes/classes folder or the [cartlocation/includes/display folder.  They will be set up from a PHP file, though, so that should help some in tracking it down.

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