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  1. How do I create a new user in a Jumpline MySQL account via ssh?
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  5. Interspire Email Marketer Release Notes and Changelog
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  7. How do I move my whole Website Publisher installation to another hosting company...
  8. I get an "Access Denied" MySQL error message during installation.
  9. My template shows but no menus or articles, news or blogs are visible, and I can...
  10. Can I use a Gmail account to handle bounced emails?
  11. Overcoming file size limits when uploading SQL files to phpMyAdmin
  12. Setting up cron on a Jumpline server
  13. How do I save the bounce information so I don't need to enter it in all the...
  14. How do I create a database for my store?
  15. Increase Your Email Open Rate By Improving Your Subject Lines
  16. How can I change the database details?
  17. How do I create a database for my website if I don't have Plesk or cPanel?
  18. Editing the language pack
  19. Users, Authors & Group Permissions
  20. I cannot connect to a user's FTP server
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