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  1. How do I rebrand/change the logo/change the messages/translate SiteCenter?
  2. Do I need to use a specific template for WebEdit or can I use my own?
  3. After installing I get the error "Template file 'Default.html' co...
  4. How do I upgrade my store to the latest version?
  5. How can I display product images in the left or right column of the page? Is it ...
  6. Where can I place my Google Analytics code in Website Publisher?
  7. How do I get the newest version of a template?
  8. WishList panel not found
  9. How to create a link to a file on my server on a web page I created in control p...
  10. I removed a panel in design mode, how do I add it back?
  11. How can I get all the featured articles to display in one category?
  12. Getting Started
  13. How do I install the new template pack that I have just purchased?
  14. Consistency is the Key
  15. Adding glossary to pages and article summaries
  16. How do I display the number of comments for an article in an article list such a...
  17. How do I add the systems unique Article ID on all article pages?
  18. How can I add a new field(s) to the author sign up/register page?
  19. How do I move the top navigational menu to the left column?
  20. How can I allow users to submit a URL in comments rather than an email address?
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