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  1. My product tabs don't display and checkout doesn't work when I insert ...
  2. My images have a blue border when the email is sent. How can I remove it?
  3. How can I get more templates or designs for my store, shopping cart?
  4. When I create a page I see a "page not found" (404) error on my websit...
  5. Can I delete panels in Design View?
  6. How can I show my subcategories in the menu on the left side?
  7. How do I increase the size of my thumbnail images on the product page?
  8. Can you design a new storefront to use with Interspire Shopping Cart?
  9. Where Does the "You Might Also Like" Panel Get Its Information From? H...
  10. HTML Examples #3: How To Do An Image Swap
  11. I want to change the default wording on the page, but I can't find it! All ...
  12. I want my thumbnails to be bigger. How do I increase the size of my thumbnails i...
  13. How do I add an image next to the "View Cart" option in the top menu?
  14. How Do I Add an Image to my Footer?
  15. How do I change the logo for my store?
  16. I don't like the header image behind the logo. How can I change it?
  17. What is design mode and how do I use it?
  18. How can I modify the built in templates in Interspire Email Marketer?
  19. How can I remove the "No articles found in this category" message?
  20. Editing the language pack
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