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  1. Can I unsubscribe a user from many contact lists at once?
  2. How does Interspire Email Marketer's unsubscribe function work?
  3. Is it possible for a user to ban his e-mail address? (A global unsubscribe for a...
  4. Interspire Email Marketer Release Notes and Changelog
  5. How can I make the Unsubscribe shorter and cleaner?
  6. I have set Force Unsubscribe What does this do?
  7. What does Force Unsubscribe mean?
  8. Getting Started
  9. Always Sign on the Dotted Line
  10. One-Click Unsubscription
  11. What are the different types of Website Forms and how do I use them.
  12. When I send a preview newsletter, the unsubscribe and custom fields don't s...
  13. How can I create my own unsubscribe link with my own words, or an unsubscribe im...
  14. Can I unsubscribe contacts via the API?
  15. Can Interspire Email Marketer automatically add an Unsubscribe link if one isn&#...
  16. How can I make sure my email are CAN-SPAM compliant?
  17. How can I add custom fields to my newsletters or templates created outside of In...
  18. Avoiding the Spam Filters and Other Email Marketing Tips
  19. How do I modify the confirmation unsubscribe page?
  20. Special characters entered into the form come up blank in the application
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