About Us

Interspire, which is a combination of the words “internet” and “inspire”, was started with the goal of helping professionals, SMB’s, and large firms alike build and nurture solid relationships with their customers through email automation. For nearly two decades, Interspire has shared its software and expertise to assist companies succeed in their email marketing automation initiatives.

“I am a long time user of Interspire Email Marketer, Recently we upgraded to the newest version of the program. We had a few issues on our end and […] Interspire took the time and effort to help us get set up and make it possible to create beautiful emails. The program works without limitations and I would recommend this program to all, big or small! Thanks […], Great Job!!”

Interspire Email Marketer is a full-fledged downloadable self-hosted email marketing automation platform. As an alternative to SaaS, we focus on providing lasting independence away from costly monthly service fees. Why handover your customer information to third parties when you can host it on your infrastructure? You keep control of your data using your own policies. Moreover, you can customize and tune the platform to your specific needs.

Eddie Machalaani and Mitchell Harper founded Interspire in 2003 in Sydney, Australia, and introduced BigCommerce in 2009 as the leading Open SaaS platform in the eCommerce space. In 2018, Interspire and BigCommerce became separate entities. In 2021, Interspire was taken over by a small technical team focused on continuing the development and improvement of one of the best self-hosted email automation tools.

Over the years, Interspire has gained popularity for its commitment to email marketing automation. As a core element of digital marketing, we have helped tens of thousands of digital marketers, publishers, advertising agencies, and email service providers grow their businesses by attracting new customers, securing deals with them, and effectively and effortlessly communicating with their client-base.

We are looking forward to continuing our commitment to assist you in achieving success with your email marketing!