Support Policy

Interspire provides an initial 12 months of free technical support to all customers via our web-based ticketing system. This can be renewed for a nominal fee as required. On this page you can learn about our support policies including issue types, extent of support, supported products and versions, etc.

What is Supported?

  • How-to and feature related questions for the product you purchased.
  • Basic usage questions and troubleshooting unexpected behavior for documented features.
  • Technical issues and defects where the product you purchased has been identified as the cause by an Interspire support engineer.
  • Errors in documentation and official technical support materials as available from the Interspire website.
  • Installation/upgrade issues and defects.
  • Interoperability with other supported Interspire products.
  • Interspire product runtime and operation errors or failures (not including those produced by Apache, Nginx, MySQL, etc).
  • Basic questions for interoperability with third party products, such as Amazon SES.
  • Basic how-to questions for documented Interspire application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Problems with license keys as a result of upgrading or changing servers.

What is not Supported?

  • Issues with or usage of software/hardware outside of the product you purchased (such as creating FTP accounts, repairing corrupt database tables, etc).
  • Database integrity or database performance issues, including database optimization and tuning.
  • Configuration/installation of Apache, Nginx, MySQL, etc.
  • Products where code has been customized, regardless of whether the change was minor in nature or not.
  • Addons or templates which were not purchased directly from Interspire.
  • Data migration, database backups or corrupt database repair.
  • Enabling/disabling PHP settings on your web server.
  • Debugging of mail servers or mail server configurations.
  • Issues experienced in non-supported server or client environments.
  • Network configuration or deployment.
  • Products which have not been updated to the latest stable version.
  • Problems with license keys on software that has been discontinued or has not been updated to the latest stable version.

Software Support Period:

  • All purchases include 12 months of free email only support.

Supported Products and Versions:

  • Interspire will support products which can be purchased directly from Interspire (both via and through the Interspire sales line) and also discontinued products for which you hold a valid maintenance period.
  • You agree to keep your installation of purchased Interspire products up to date by regularly updating to the latest stable release available (NOT beta) from the client area. If your product is not running the latest stable release, you will be required to update before technical support will be provided.
  • Interspire partners are required to contact Interspire’s technical support department on behalf of their client. If your client contacts our technical support department directly their problem will not be investigated and you will need to resubmit the ticket on their behalf, as per the partner program agreement.

Extent of Support:

  • Interspire will perform tests in accordance with standard procedures as part of the troubleshooting process. At a minimum, Interspire will:
    • Gather as much information from the customer as is required to replicate the problem.
    • Confirm that the customer is entitled to technical support by verifying customer records and maintenance period in the database.
    • Identify the general area of the problem – configuration, FTP, bug, setting, user interface, general information, etc.
    • If a problem is identified with the product, fix it or escalate to an engineer for assistance.
    • Escalate the problem to level 2 support if necessary.
  • If Interspire is unable to solve a customer’s problem, the supported customer will be notified via e-mail. This is known as NFF (No Fault Found). Notification will include a description of the problem and troubleshooting techniques used. This will include any escalation to engineers or developers for resolution or any recommendations made to the customer.
  • Interspire will not support products during beta testing.
  • Interspire will not resolve coding problems caused as a result of customer modifications to the source code.
  • Interspire is not responsible for problems with third-party software not provided by Interspire.
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