Release Notes

Version: 8.3.0

Released: 20 February, 2024 
- Added Support For MySQL 8.0 and MariaDB 10.x
- Added Extra Header Text Area Box At Campaign Send
- Added Alert On Contact List Delete
- Modified Newsletters Contacts Tracking For Improved Sending Speed
- Fixed Editing Segment That Uses Date Range 'Is Between' Doesn't Display Correctly
- Fixed Webhook fails to be triggered when new contacts are added through the contact form
- Fixed More SQL Order By / Full Group By

Version: 8.2.2

Released: 5 January, 2024 
- Added pass email address and status from IEM form to external website
- Modified the dimensions of the BuilderJS popup window
- Fixed quoting when creating the dynamic buttons in BuilderJS and Unlayer
- Fixed can not send email campaign when images warnings exist
- Fixed BuilderJS Edit Mode - Undefined text is appearing

Version: 8.2.1

Released: 8 December, 2023 
- Fixed BuilderJS background-image insertion and loading issues
- Fixed Database 'subscriberconfirmcode' field is missing
- Fixed Undefined variable record_click_bot

Version: 8.2.0

Released: 27 November, 2023 
- Added Rfc 8058 Unsubscribe Oneclick Functionality
- Added Linkclick Bots Detection And Display In Statistics
- Modified More Collation / Charset Cleanups
- Modified Double Opt-In Confirmation Flow
- Updated Forms New Design
- Fixed From Email Address Missing From List Owner Notification
- Fixed Updated Column Exist Test For Null Warning
- Fixed Exporting Bounce Statistics Only Gives The First 10 Records
- Misc. Minor Fixes

Version: 8.1.1

Released: 26 October, 2023 
- Modified opt-out unsubscribe flow 
- Reordered database tables creation 
- Fixed Newsletters Statistics under Contact Information tab has inconsistent records
- Fixed unable to search unconfirmed contacts
- Fixed forms editing not working properly (editor selection)
- Fixed some PHP Notices and Warnings

Version: 8.0.1

Released: 25 September, 2023 
- Fixed Autoresponders not working
- Fixed DBcheck Addon: default column is missing in editor table
- Fixed Empty string value assign to class variable editor (int)

Version: 8.0.0

Released: 31 August, 2023 
- Added BuilderJS Email Editor
- Added more bounce rules
- Added more accepted characters rules for Username
- Changed the word wrap length to 750 chars
- Improved emojis support
- Dropped Support for PHP 7.4
- Fixed issue exporting statistics - Contributor: Phil Veloso (
- Fixed Data Types joined by Pipe returns syntax error, unexpected '|'
- Fixed security issue with link.php
- Fixed issue with IP tracking
- Fixed issue with URLs in dynamic content tags
- Fixed new subscribers not confirmed through double opt-ins
- Misc. minor fixes

Version: 7.1.0

Released: 1st March, 2023
- Added help links option in private label settings
- Fixed pagination on Link Stats table in the campaign overview
- Fixed The number rows displayed is reset everytime one goes to the next page
- Fixed Unsupported operand types: string * int error
- Fixed Email Campaigns loading issue in the campaign listing
- Fixed 'Split Test Campaigns' option in the Cron Settings does not save
- Fixed Unicode characters and Emojis are not displaying in some cases in the UI
- Fixed Print Statistics not working
- Fixed deprecated php methods causing notices/errors

Version: 7.0.2

Released: 17 February, 2023
- Added Javascript-based Captcha - Thanks to Oliver Georgi (
- Added Export button on some statistics pages
- Fixed Unable to update UserGroups[Incorrect integer value '']
- Fixed Bounce processing password authentication in some edge cases
- Fixed Unable to create jobs - Incorrect integer value empty string for column 'approved'
- Fixed Unable to schedule email campaigns 'Cannot access offset of type string on string'
- Fixed Enabling 2FA and Session Timeout Options do not save
- Fixed deprecated php methods causing notices/errors
- Fixed XML API issue

Version: 7.0.1

Released: 1st February, 2023
- Fixed [ConsoleError]- SyntaxError Unexpected Token ';'
- Fixed Trying to access array offset on value of type bool
- Fixed 'LNG_TriggerEmails_Stats_Title' already defined
- Fixed Langvar 'Sent' doesn't exist

Version: 7.0.0

Released: 27 January, 2023
- PHP 8.0 and 8.1 Supported
- Misc. minor fixes and code cleanup

Version: 6.5.2

Released: 10 November, 2022
- Increased URL length to 2,048 chars as per RFC
- Fixed a security vulnerability (SQL Injection) in the survey addon
- Fixed Default SMTP Tick for users
- Fixed TinyMCE whitespace for outlook
- Fixed Preventing TinyMCE from adding spaces within HTML comments

Version: 6.5.1

Released: 8 September, 2022
- Added webhooks integration (Lists & Campaigns)
- Added return_format 'xml' option in GetCustomFields function request
- Fixed a security vulnerability in the survey addon
- Changed the default paste behavior of TinyMCE
- Fixed a bug in the dynamic content tags

Version: 6.5.0

Released: 1st April, 2022
- Added export statistics (Open, Links, Bounce, Unsubscribe, etc.)
- Added configurable auto-delete of unconfirmed and bounced addresses
- Changed default charset from utf8 to utf8mb4
- Force version check on SSL site
- Fixed API GetTemplates access issue 
- Fixed typo in the unsubscribe subject line constant

Version: 6.4.3

Released: 3 March, 2022
- Fixed default email footer doesn't display gif image
- Fixed the NBSP code issue in importing contacts via CSV
- Fixed contacts not imported and diverted to suppression, not displayed in pop up log
- Fixed values of visible custom fields are not appearing in contacts listing.
- Fixed Dynamic Content Tags, the TinyMCE tools(Hyperlink, Image etc.) opening in popup don't work.
- Fixed single and double quotes issue in Dynamic Content Tags Content Block.
- Fixed MySQL group by clause contains non-aggregated columns issue

Version: 6.4.2

Released: 23 November, 2021
- Fixed TinyMCE Image Manager directory issue
- Added Session timeout default value
- Removed deprecated php methods causing notices/errors

Version: 6.4.1

Released: 22 October, 2021
- Added two factor authentication feature
- Added admin can force users to select and configure their own SMTP server
- Added self signed certificate setting option
- Process UTF-8 encoded subject lines in bounced messages
- Fixed export statistics count issue
- Removed deprecated php methods causing notices/errors

Version: 6.4.0

Released: 10 August, 2021
- Updated TinyMCE to 5.8.2

Version: 6.3.0

Released: 15 July, 2021
- PHP 7.4 supported
- Added triggers on specific time
- Added user session timeout
- Fixed statistics total unique clicks discrepancy
- Fixed debugging addon setting reverting to unchekced in some edge cases
- Fixed autoresponders filter by custom field issue
- Fixed 'Trying to access array offset on value of type null' issue
- Removed deprecated php methods causing notices/errors
- Misc. minor fixes and code cleanup

Version: 6.2.3

Released: 5 May, 2021
- Removed deprecated PHP methods causing notices/errors
- Implemented strong user password rules
- Fixed xml api call issue
- Fixed Statistics issue
- Fixed Split test contacts issue
- Misc. minor fixes and code cleanup

Version: 6.2.2

Released: 7 September, 2020
- PHP 7.3 supported
- Added 'Outlook 2016' Email Client Compatibility
- Removed deprecated PHP methods causing notices/errors
- Fixed Auto Open Statistics bug
- Fixed XSS security hole in Survey Addon function
- Fixed Autoresponder preview email campaign bug
- Misc. minor fixes and code cleanup

Version: 6.2.1

Released: 26 June, 2019
- PHP 7.2 supported
- Added 'Debugging' Addon (Email, Bounce, Autoresponder and Trigger)
- Removed deprecated PHP methods causing notices/errors
- Fixed Survey Addon remote code execution vulnerability
- Fixed Trigger bug
- Fixed bug in Email Campaign HTML Content - Editor tools alignments(Center, Right, Full) do not work.
- Add and schedule email campaign to contact list via pure XML API
- Misc. minor fixes and code cleanup

Version: 6.2.0

Released: 17 August, 2018
- PHP 7.0 and 7.1 supported
- Removed deprecated PHP methods causing notices/errors
- Fixed XML API 'Error is String could not be parsed as XML'
- Added 'Office 365' design rules for email compatibility check
- Misc. minor fixes and code cleanup
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