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How can I remove the default Interspire footers from my email campaigns?

Email Marketer includes a footer at the bottom of every email footer at the bottom of every email campaign it sends out. By default, the footer contains the text “Powered by Interspire” along with our logo. However, you can remove this content and insert your own, to create a consistent branding image across all your email campaigns. In this article, we will walk you step-by-step through the process of modifying or removing this footer.

Before we begin, we should clarify a few things. First, Email Marketer can send emails in text-only format, or in full HTML. Thus, there are two headers, one which contains only text, to be included in text-only emails, and another which supports HTML code, for HTML emails.

Also, each user has a separate footer. This means that if you have to users, Bob and Larry, Bob can have a footer placed on his emails that says “This has been a message from Bob’s Fantastic Chocolate Factory.” Meanwhile, Larry can have a footer that says “Thank you for your interest in Larry’s Mountain Bike Outlet.” However, it also means that if you want all the accounts to have the same footer, you need to edit the footer for EACH user. The last thing to note about the footers is that there is a default footer, which will be applied to any user account created in the future. However, editing the default footer DOES NOT change the footer for existing users.

In order to properly configure email footers, you need to edit BOTH the Default Email Footers, and each of your individual Users’ Footers. Step-by-step instructions for both of these tasks are included below.

Change or Remove the User’s Footer:

  1. Log in to Email Marketer and navigate to Users & Groups -> View User Accounts
  2. Click the “Edit” link for the account you want to change
  3. Click on the “Email Settings” tab.
  4. Change the “HTML Footer” and “Text Footer” values from the “Email Settings” tab, then click Save.

Change or Remove the Default Footer:

  1. Go to Settings -> Email Settings
  2. Edit the HTML and Text footers Change the “Default HTML Email Footer” and “Default Text Email Footer” values.
  3. Click Save.

How do I change the date format?

In order to change the date format, you need to edit the admin/com/langauge/default/language.php file. There are a number of tokens around line 42 that prescribe the date and time formats used in various parts of the application. For example:

define('LNG_DateFormat', 'd M Y'); define('LNG_Quickstats_DateFormat', 'd-M-Y'); define('LNG_TimeFormat', 'F j Y, g:i a'); define('LNG_UserDateFormat', 'g:i a, d M Y'); define('LNG_Stats_TimeFormat', 'g:i a');

The “d M Y” token corresponds to a date format like 01 April 2009. If you wanted a date format using just numbers with the year first, you could use “Y-m-d” (note the difference in case for the ‘m’). This would produce dates like 2009-04-01.

How do I translate Interspire Email Marketer into another language?

You can translate Interspire Email Marketer yourself by editing the PHP files inside the admin/com/language/default/ folder.

You should ensure that the translated files are saved in a UTF-8 encoding without the Byte-Order Mark (BOM). If you need an editor that is capable of encoding UTF-8 files without the BOM, you could try Notepad++, which is free. When editing a file with it, go to “Format” -> “Encode with UTF-8 without BOM” from the menu.

Can I use a character set/encoding apart from UTF-8?

It is strongly recommended that you use the default UTF-8 encoding for a number of reasons. These include:

  • The third-party Flash-based graphs/charts can only display special characters with a UTF-8 encoding.
  • Special characters in email subject lines can only be displayed when using a UTF-8 encoding (across all email clients).
  • Data passed through the third-party ajax library is output in UTF-8.

Therefore, it is very difficult to manage a site that is not using UTF-8 encoding. At best you could only partially convert the site and, at worst, certain functionality could break.

How do I customise an error page?

To customise a contact form error page, it should be a php page (you can also use asp,, jsp or any other language you are familar with).

To display the error message(s), add the following code:

<?php $errors = urldecode($_GET['Errors']); echo $errors; ?>

into your page. This can be placed anywhere in your design and will show the errors returned from Interspire Email Marketer in the right place.

If you are using asp for the error page you could use

<%@ language="VBScript" %> <% Response.Write Request.QueryString("Errors") %>

to display the error.

How do I modify the confirmation unsubscribe page?

Edit the admin/includes/templates/default_form_message.tpl file.

This is used by the unsubscribe page, send-to-friend and confirm pages so be careful editing it.

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