What is a Perpetual License?

Perpetual Software License A perpetual license agreement is a software license agreement that gives the buyer the right to use a specific version of the software for an indefinite amount of time. One pays for the license upfront, and one has the right to use the version of the software bought indefinitely. The buyer may … Read more


We first want to emphasize that our software license does not expire like most others in the industry. You may continue using the specific version of Interspire Email Marketer that you purchased without an end date for that copy of the product.   Why have a Maintenance Agreement? Our support and maintenance cover upgrades and … Read more

Support Policy

Interspire provides an initial 12 months of free technical support to all customers via our web-based ticketing system. This can be renewed for a nominal fee as required. On this page you can learn about our support policies including issue types, extent of support, supported products and versions, etc. What is Supported? How-to and feature … Read more

Email Clients

Why does my CSS not appear correctly in Office 2007? Microsoft have not included all CSS rendering capabilities in Office 2007. If you would like to see what CSS tags you can use to make sure that your emails will look as intended in Microsoft Outlook 2007 please have a look at this list from … Read more

Email Templates

Email Templates FAQ: What you can do to make full use of your email templates. Creating your email campaigns will never be the same again once you start using the template system to its full effect. This guide is intended to let you know exactly what the template system is capable of helping you do … Read more


Bounce Processing How To Guide. Automatic bounce processing allows the application to automatically login to your account, download your bounced emails, and then analyze them and categorize them accordingly depending on the severity of the bounce. The application sends the campaign’s ID and other details through ‘X-Mailer’ headers in the email. In order for automatic … Read more

Languages and Customization

Languages and Customization FAQ: How can I remove the default Interspire footers from my email campaigns? Email Marketer includes a footer at the bottom of every email footer at the bottom of every email campaign it sends out. By default, the footer contains the text "Powered by Interspire" along with our logo. However, you can … Read more

Sending Email Campaigns

Why does Interspire Email Marketer use my Bounce Address instead of my From Address for sending emails? To understand why Interspire Email Marketer does that, you must first understand how sending emails over the Internet really works. When you compose an email in your email client and click "Send", what the email client does for … Read more


Statistics FAQ Data graphs or charts are not loading This is probably because you have mod_security active on your server. To get the charts working you will need to disable it. One way to do this by creating an .htaccess file in your root Interspire Email Marketer folder with the following contents: If this doesn’t … Read more

Website Forms

Website Forms FAQ Can I subscribe a user to many contact lists at once? Yes. A subscription form can be used to subscribe your visitors to multiple lists by filling out the one form. When creating your subscription form you can select which contact lists to allow users to sign up to. They will then … Read more