Rebranding & Private Labeling

Interspire Email Marketers is an easy-to-use and powerful email marketing software that allows you to create, send, and track email campaigns. White labeling and branding the software with your own logo, branding, and colors are core features of Interspire Email Marketer. This article will show you how to customize the software to quickly brand it to your needs.

Application Panel

The most common and visible changes to white label the product can be done from within the application panel graphical user interface. The settings can be found in the Settings/Private Label Settings page.

Private Label Settings Screenshot

Application Name

By default the application name is Interspire Email Marketer, You can change it to the name that you would like the product to reflect for your users.

Application Footer

As the name indicates the application footer appears at the bottom of every page in the application including the initial login page. You can change it right from the GUI as well.

Application Logo

The application logo appears on the login page and the top-left corner of the application once a user is logged. You can change the logo by uploading a new file as your new application logo.


The favicon is a small graphic that is displayed in browser tabs, bookmark folders, and other places in a browser. Updating the favicon can be an important step to rebrand your installation of Interspire. You can update it by selecting the file you want to use as your new favicon.

Note that in the past the recommendation was to upload a file in the Windows .ICO format for the widest possible compatibility with different browsers. There days it can be a PNG and will still work in the majority of the modern browsers.

Default Email Footers both HTML and Text

When a new user is created in the system a default footer for HTML emails and another for Text emails are created. The default text that is used to populate those fields can also be updated. Naturally, the users can always change them later on if they want.

Disabling Version Checking

Interspire can be configured to automatically check if it is running the latest version of the software. If it is not it will display a notification in the control panel. You may choose to disable that automatic check.

Advanced Changes

Change the “Email marketing by…” footer on website forms when they are created?

When a form is created in Interspire it includes a default footer that you may choose to change on your marketing platform.

To modify your default website form footer open the file ~/admin/com/language/default/whitelabel.php in a text editor. The form footer is defined by LNG_Form_Branding. Change it to the value you prefer. For example:

define('LNG_Form_Branding', 'Email Marketing Powered by My Awesome Company');

Look and Feel of the Application

All of the styles used in Interspire Email Marketer can be found in the ~/admin/includes/styles/ folder. You can edit these CSS files to make changes to colors, fonts or any other aesthetic elements you want.

Application Text

Although not strictly a white labeling activity, you can change any text displayed in the Interspire application panel.

All of the text used within Interspire Email Marketer is stored in and displayed from language variables. The language variables for Interspire Email Marketer are created using the PHP command ‘define’. This includes two parts, the name of the language variable and the value of that variable.

All Interspire Email Marketer language variables start with the prefix LNG_ and are located in the ~/admin/com/language/default/ folder. Any text displayed can be changed by editing the value of those LNG_ variables.

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