Rebranding & Private Labeling

Rebranding & Private Labeling FAQ:

How can I remove or change the “Powered By…” footer on website forms?

To modify the website form’s footer, just follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the FTP server where Email Marketer is installed and navigate to the folder where Email Marketer is located
  2. Open /admin/com/language/default/whitelabel.php
  3. Modify LNG_Form_Branding (approx. line 143)

On modify details forms, or any form where the source is stored in the database, you will have to re-create the form or modify the branding from the MySQL database to change the footer

Private Label Guide

Changing a language variable.

All of the text located within Interspire Email Marketer are stored in and displayed from language variables. The language variables for Interspire Email Marketer are created using the PHP command ‘define’. This includes two parts, the name of the language variable and the value of that variable.

All Interspire Email Marketer language variables start with the prefix LNG_ and are located in the ‘admin/com/language/default/’ folder. All private labeling language variables are located in the ‘admin/com/language/default/whitelabel.php’ file. You can remove any mention of Interspire from the application from within this file.

To edit a language variable follow the following steps.


define('LNG_Copyright', 'Powered by Interspire Email Marketer 5.0 © Interspire Pty. Ltd.');

With your own custom “Powered by …” line. To not show anything, simply remove the content completely. Remember to leave the language variable intact or you will break the application.


define('LNG_Copyright', ''); ordefine('LNG_Copyright', 'Powered by Your Company');

This will change the powered by link on the bottom of the page to either not display or say ‘Powered by Your Company’

Changing the Control Panel Logo.

The Interspire Email Marketer image is located in the ‘admin/images’ folder and is called logo.gif. Editing this file will allow you to change the logo that appears in the top right of every page of the application.

Changing the Look and Feel of the Application.

All of the styles used in Interspire Email Marketer can be found in the ‘admin/includes/styles’ folder. To change the way Interspire Email Marketer looks (colors, fonts etc) yousimply need to edit these CSS files.

Disabling Version Checking.

  1. Open up ‘/admin/com/init-legacy.php’ on your server.
  2. Search for the line view plaincopy to clipboardprint?define('SENDSTUDIO_WHITE_LABEL', false); and set it to define('SENDSTUDIO_WHITE_LABEL', true);

This will completely remove the “Version Check” block from the home page of the control panel.

Removing the “License Key” Setting.

If the license key setting is removed, you will be unable to modify the license key via the control panel in the future. The value for the license key can be adjusted in ‘admin/includes/config.php if it needs to be updated in the future.

  1. Open up ‘/admin/com/templates/settings.tpl’ and ‘/admin/com/templates/settings2.tpl’ onyour server.
  2. Find and Remove
view plaincopy to clipboardprint?
<td colspan="2" class="Heading2">
<td class="FieldLabel">
<input type="text" name="licensekey" id="licensekey" value="" class="Field250">

Disabling the “Product Edition” on the System Information Page.

  1. Open up /admin/com/templates/settings_systeminfo.tpl on your server.
  2. Find and Remove:
view plaincopy to clipboardprint?<tr>
<td class="FieldLabel">
<tr style="display:">
<td class="FieldLabel">
Removing the “Getting Started Video”
Find and remove the following in admin/com/templates/index.tpl file:
view plaincopy to clipboardprint?
<div style="clear:both;">
<div class="PanelHeaderBox1">
<div id="HomeStartTitle"
<div id="HideThisDiv" class="QuickLink HideThis">
<a href="#" id="HideThis">
<div class="DashboardPanelSubBox2" style="clear:both;">
<div style="padding:12px 20px 0px 60px;background:transparent url(images/learnvideo.gif) left top no-repeat;">
<a id="VideoLearnMore" href="#">%%LNG_GettingStarted_WatchText%%</a>
<div style="padding:12px 0px 0px 60px;background:transparent url(images/learnguide.gif) left top no-repeat;">
<a target="_blank"

Can I private label (rebrand) Interspire Email Marketer with my own colors, logo etc? Is the PSD file available?

Yes, private labelling Interspire Email Marketer is easy and allows for easy rebranding. In fact, we pioneered rebrandable email marketing software to allow you to offer your own email marketing service and add value + revenue to your service offerings.

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How do I remove or change the web forms footer?

To modify your default website form footer open the file /admin/com/language/default/whitelabel.php in an html/text editor. The footer is defined as LNG_Form_Branding on line 134 by default.


define('LNG_Form_Branding', '©MyCompany 2010');

How can I change the favicon in Interspire Email Marketer?

To change the favicon to the icon of your choosing, first upload your new favicon somewhere within the email marketer directory on your web server. A good location is in the /admin/images/ directory. Next, open up the /admin/includes/templates/header.tpl file in a text editor. At the very top of the document, in the <HEAD> section, is the following line:

<link rel="icon" href="images/favicon.ico" type="image/">

Change the HREF attribute in this line to the location of your new icon, and save the header.tpl file. If we uploaded an icon called “newicon.ico” into the /admin/images/ directory, the line would instead become this:

<link rel="icon" href="images/newicon.ico" type="image/">

When you refresh, your new favicon should be located in the address bar of your browser of choice.

How do I change the link to Interspire at the bottom of Interspire Email Marketer?

You can edit the link to Interspire and the copyright information by editing the ‘language/language.php’ file and searching for ‘copyright’.