What is a Perpetual License?

Perpetual Software License

A perpetual license agreement is a software license agreement that gives the buyer the right to use a specific version of the software for an indefinite amount of time.

One pays for the license upfront, and one has the right to use the version of the software bought indefinitely. The buyer may be entitled to download updated versions and technical support depending on the details of the license agreement. Often this is only provided for a set period of time (typically 90 days to a year), after which, one will have to enter into a maintenance contract to continue to have access to those services. The maintenance fees typically range from 15% to 30% of the initial perpetual license cost.

Other Licensing Model

There are many other licensing models and Upcounsel in Software License Types: Everything You Need to Know provides a comprehensive compendium of what they are. The perpetual license was the standard model for selling software up until the recent advent of SaaS. One of the more common alternative licensing model is the subscription model. In this model the user can use the software for the duration of the subscription period. The user’s right to access the software stops as soon as the subscription period ends. Usually the subscription will also include access to updates and technical support while the subscription is active.

What is Interspire’s Licensing Model?

Interspire is sold as a one time purchase under a perpetual license for the specific version of the software at the time of purchase. The purchase includes software updates and email support for 12 months. Thereafter, support and maintenance can be renewed for a fee as outlined in our renewal page.

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