Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns FAQ:

My images have a blue border when the email is sent. How can I remove it?

If your images are appearing in your inbox with a blue border around them, follow these steps to remove the border:

  1. Login to your control panel and edit your email campaign
  2. Right click on the image and choose the Insert/edit image option
  3. Click the Appearance tab in the popup window
  4. Type “0” (without quotes) in the Border box
  5. Click the Update button
  6. Save your email campaign and re-send

How do I send a newsletter to contacts who have signed up since the last campaign was sent?

If you want to send an email campaign to contacts that have signed up after you have already sent it then you can make use of Interspire Email Marketer’s filtering options.

To do this simply select to send the email campaign and remember to select ‘Send an email to contacts who match my search criteria in the selected list(s) below’.

This will allow you to select the option of sending to all contacts on that contact list that have subscribed past a date that you select. Simply make this the date that you sent your email campaign and send it.

This will only send to those contacts that have signed up since you last sent your email.

Why should I keep my text to the left of the gray line?

The gray line represents the width of 65 characters in the text box. If you type more than 65 characters per line then some email clients can automatically wrap your text, making it harder for your contacts to read when they receive your emails. As a rule of thumb, simply press enter on your keyboard before you type over the gray line and your email will appear as you’d expect in all email clients.

What is the difference between a normal sent email and the preview emails?

Interspire Email Marketer puts together the emails in the same way but links aren’t tracked, open image isn’t added, unsubscribe link isn’t converted and the custom fields are not converted.

Is there a way to send a single newsletter to separate contact lists without generating duplicates if individuals are members of both lists?

Yes there is. When you are sending your email campaign and are selecting the contact lists that you wish to send to you can simply hold down the ‘CTRL’ key and select multiple lists.

Interspire Email Marketer will only send the email once to each user no matter how many lists they are subscribed to.

My Text Only contacts are not receiving the emails that I send. What could cause this?

Text only contacts can only receive text-only emails or multipart emails which contain both an HTML version and a text version.

If you send an HTML-only newsletter to a text only contact, instead of sending an empty email (because there is no text version) Interspire Email Marketer will not send them an email.

To convert them all, go to the ‘Manage Contact Lists’ page, tick the appropriate contact list and choose ‘Change To HTML Format’ from the ‘Action’ dropdown list and hit ‘Go’.

If your contacts are supposed to be text and HTML, make sure that you send Text emails or multipart emails.

If your contacts are all just Text then you can simply just send Text emails and they will be sent correctly.

Why do my images not get embedded when I send a test email?

When you send a test email to yourself you the images do not get embedded.

This only happens when you send a proper email to a contact list and select Embed Images.

Why do I receive double line spacing when I send my text emails?

Sometimes when you are using the default mail command rather then sending via an SMTP server the mail command can add extra line breaks where it should not.

To get around this you generally send your emails via an SMTP server as this will create the email in a different manner to the PHP mail command.

My Email Campaigns sit in the Manage Emails queue with the status ‘Waiting for Approval’. Why is this?

This can happen when your users don’t click the final “Yes really send this email” button and didn’t hit “Cancel” (which deletes the database entry).