Creating Your Emails

Creating Your Emails FAQ: Can we create the e-mails within your application? Yes you can. Interspire Email Marketer uses our editor DevEdit so that you can create full HTML emails quickly and easily. You are also able to load your emails directly from a file on your hard drive or even select a URL to … Read more

Email Content

Email Content FAQ: Recipients are seeing phrases like “MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from…” This warning text is generated by MailScanner, a virus/spam/security filter that may be used by a number of your recipients. In an attempt to warn against possible "phising" attacks, it compares the link text to the actual link. For … Read more

Error Messages

Import subscriber hangs / call to undefined function mb_strtolower() Email Marketer requires the PHP extension ‘mbstring’ for the import contacts feature. If you do not have the extension most servers will generate the error message: call to undefined function mb_strtolower() You can enable the extension from your PHP configuration file (php.ini), but depending on your … Read more

Sending Rates & Limitations

What are the factors that affect email sending rates There are many factors that affect the sending rates of Interspire Email Marketer. The most common are: The sending method Throttling The use of an ESP The email size The server specs The server load The MTA type The use of filtering software Sending Method Interspire … Read more


Subscribers FAQ: If we want contacts to have to ‘verify’ their email address before they are set to ‘active’ what do we need to do? If you want people to confirm their details, edit your subscription form and tick the ‘Require Confirmation’ checkbox. This will make Interspire Email Marketer send them an email with a … Read more

Unsubscribing from contact lists

Unsubscribing from contact lists FAQ: How can I make the Unsubscribe shorter and cleaner? To make the unsubscribe link in Interspire Email Marketer shorter and look cleaner: Create your text (for example “Click here to unsubscribe”). Highlight it to create a link. Click the “Link” button in the WYSIWYG editor and put %BASIC:UNSUBLINK% as the URL. and … Read more

Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns FAQ: My images have a blue border when the email is sent. How can I remove it? If your images are appearing in your inbox with a blue border around them, follow these steps to remove the border: Login to your control panel and edit your email campaign Right click on the image … Read more

General Users Information

General Users Information FAQ: How can I improve the performance of my Email Marketer installation? This guide is intended to assist users with increasing the performance of Email Marketer by optimizing server and application configurations. You should have experience with modifying server configurations already and must have access to do so on your server in … Read more

Client Area Deprecated

As of April 2018 a new website was launched for Interspire and the old Client Area system has been shut down. Please visit the following pages: Pricing Visit the pricing page to buy new Interspire Email Marketer licenses. Renewal Contact us to renew your existing Interspire Email Marketer support so you can continue to receive … Read more

Hosted vs Download

Choosing between a cloud-based email marketing solution or a self-hosted downloadable software can be a challenge as each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the factors to consider when deciding between the two options are cost, flexibility, reliability, security, and privacy. Cloud Email Marketing Service Self-Hosted Download Email Marketing Software The initial startup … Read more