Creating Your Emails

Creating Your Emails FAQ:

Can we create the e-mails within your application?

Yes you can. Interspire Email Marketer uses our editor DevEdit so that you can create full HTML emails quickly and easily.

You are also able to load your emails directly from a file on your hard drive or even select a URL to grab the HTML from so that you could make your templates look exactly like your website.

Why does Interspire Email Marketer resize my images when I upload them?

Interspire Email Marketer automatically resizes images to have a maximum width or height of 400px to try to help users remain within their memory limits.

You can change this by editing the Max Width and Height from the settings page.

Why are my images not showing when I create a new template from a file on my copmputer?

When you create your template you will need to click on the images (or image place holders that you can see) and then modify the image properties.

This will then open up the image selection window where you can then upload the image to your server.

When you create the email template from a file it simply grabs the HTML from the file that you are uploading. The images still need to be uploaded to the server.

Another way you could do this would be to upload the files somewhere else on your server and alter the image source url to point to the full location of the image (

How do I create my emails to look like my site?

You can create your template, email campaign or autoresponder to look like your own site by first using the option to ‘Import a file from a web site’ when you create your email.

This will draw your information from your site and make your email look exactly like it. You can then edit it to make it as you want.