Sending your first email campaign

Sending your first email campaign is a simple task but requires some initial setup before we can proceed. Follow the simple steps below and you’ll be sending your first email campaign in no time. Step 1. Create your contact list A contact list is a collection of your contacts details. It includes their email address … Read more

General Tutorials

How to search for your contacts. Filtering your searches allows you to view or send to a smaller selection of contacts by setting options to only find particular contacts. This means that you can search for individual contacts, entire domains, email addresses that contain particular words, confirmed, bounced or active contacts or any combination of … Read more

Collecting Additional Information From Contacts

Collecting your visitors email address is fine, but what about when you want to personalize your email communications? That’s where custom fields come in. Custom fields allow you to collect additional pieces of information from your contacts, such as name, age, sex and location. In this article we’ll look at a simple example of using … Read more

Sending Emails Based on Subscriber Segmenting

In this brief tutorial you’ll learn how to setup a mailing list with custom fields to collect the age and sex of your subscribers when they signup. After that you’ll learn how to segment your mailing list and only send your email campaign to males over the age of 21. Creating your mailing list with … Read more


Can I send out sequential emails (Autoresponders) when a user subscribes to my contact list? Of course. Interspire Email Marketer supports sending of automatic sequential emails that are triggered when a user subscribes, sent in specific time intervals, eg. After 1 hour, or after 2 days etc. These sequential emails are referred to as Autoresponders, … Read more

Contact Lists

Contact Lists FAQ: I can’t delete contact lists. After I click ‘delete’ my browser shows me that the page is loading, but loading never finishes. This issue is caused by your MySQL server failing to process your DELETE query, because the total number of row locks exceeds the lock table size. Email Marketer tells me … Read more

Custom Fields & Mail Merge

What are custom fields and why/how would I use them? Custom Fields or Mail Merge Fields are used by you to personalise your emails to your customers. You can also use these fields to filter your sends so that only particular contacts receive the email depending on the details that they have saved for themselves. … Read more

Importing & Exporting Subscribers

Importing & Exporting Subscribers FAQ: How to send a confirmation email to unconfirmed contacts you have imported If you are wanting to make sure that people who sign up for a newsletter through your website get a confirmation email – Email Marketer does this without any complicated setup necessary – just read this article for … Read more

Using the WYSIWYG Editor

Using the WYSIWYG Editor FAQ: How can I add more font sizes to the WYSIWYG editor? To add more font sizes to the WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE) just follow these steps: create a back up of the file /emailmarketer/admin/includes/js/tinymce/themes/advanced/editortemplate.js in case something goes wrong open editor_template.js and erase all of its’ contents open editortemplatesrc.js from the … Read more