Hosted vs Download

Choosing between a cloud-based email marketing solution or a self-hosted downloadable software can be a challenge as each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the factors to consider when deciding between the two options are cost, flexibility, reliability, security, and privacy.

Cloud Email Marketing ServiceSelf-Hosted Download Email Marketing Software
The initial startup cost of an line solution may be lower but you pay every month you are subscribed to the service, regardless of whether or not you send an email campaign. You are also penalized by having to pay more as your list grows.Most self-hosted solutions such as Interspire Email Marketer are a one-time payment. They may be a higher initial investment but there are no monthly charges, per contact or per email fees and you can grow your list as large as you like and are usually more cost effective.
A “powered by” link or image is added to the footer of every email you send out, meaning you are helping to increase the business of your email marketing provider!Don’t just settle for an “out of the box” footer that has nothing to do with your business. You can create personalized footers for all your emails and autoresponders.
You share email servers with hundreds or even thousands of others who might send spammy messages through them and destroy the deliverability of the emails you worked so hard to create.Since you are installing software on your own server or VPS, you are the only person who uses it so there is no need to worry about spammers reducing your reputation and deliverability rates
Your email campaigns, autoresponders, contacts and statistics can be quite difficult to export, which makes it that much harder to switch services down the road if you choose to do so.All of your data is stored on your own database servers. You can easily move to a different server because you own and have access to all of your email campaigns, autoresponders, contacts and statistics.
Usually statistics and reports are limited to what the SaaS provider provides.Since your data is stored on your own databases, you can use use your organization’s preferred business intelligence and reporting tools to create your own custom reports get deeper insights into your campaigns.
You are stuck with the branding of the email marketing service you are using, regardless of whether you are a web designer or agency with clients.You can white-label and re-brand Interspire Email Marketer for free and in 5 minutes. 
You have little to no say over which features are included in the next product update.Our software is built based on your feature requests and feedback. 
The service provider manages the server; this relieves the company from the need to manage its own servers. Effectively you are using a service and not software. This implies that you are dependent on their reliability and can’t modify the software code to make changes or add your own custom features as dictated by your business needs.A self-hosted solution may required higher involvement on the operations side but with the benefit of more control. For example Interspire Email Marketer is 99% unencrypted and modifiable. You can modify the code to suit your needs and even build your own custom feature using the add-ons framework.
Related to the above point, you are also not in control of your data. You have to trust the company that the data will be safe and secure, as well as compliant to the regulations your firm maybe subject to.Self-hosted solutions give you a better level of control and can be customized to comply with your company’s internal policies and regulatory framework as applicable.

What a Hosted Email Marketing Service Really Costs You

A cloud based email marketing solution may at first sound like a good option for small businesses looking to keep costs low. But their costs can add up quickly compared to a self-hosted solution. Here’s a simple example with a growing contact list for a small business over 12 months:

MonthNew Contacts Added to ListTotal Contacts in List

Let’s now look at how Interspire Email Marketer stacks up against two different SaaS-based email marketing services. If we plot the total cost over 12 months to maintain the list above, we end up with a chart that looks like this:

SaaS vs Interspire Price Comparison
SaaS vs Interspire Price Comparison(1)

(1) Prices retrieved from the respective web sites of two SaaS platforms on January 24, 2022.

Why Should You Be Penalized for Growing a Successful List?

As you can see from the chart above, we don’t penalize you for growing a successful list. Interspire Email Marketer is a single payment for a lifetime license. You don’t have to worry about monthly fees or list size restrictions. Grow your list to its full potential with an all-inclusive email marketing solution that’s perfect for any business. Let our email marketing software help you create professional emails, manage your contacts, and send out newsletters to your audience with ease.

The first thing that strikes you about Interspire Email Marketer is that it’s a bargain. Really. Prior to installing the first of many Interspire Email Marketer sites, we had been using some of the hosted solutions with per email costs. The math was very easy.
Simon Darby -

What if I’m a not technical person or don’t have an IT team?

Self-hosted email automation systems may require more maintenance and expertise than SaaS tools however Interspire Email Marketer is designed to be easy to use and you don’t need any programming knowledge to use it. The software can be installed on the vast majority of the Virtual Private Server (VPS) provided by the popular hosting companies. The installation process is simple and is intuitive enough for even relatively non-technical people. Alternatively, a member of our professional team can install the software for you if you would rather use that option.

I don’t know what a mail server is or how to configure one.

If you are only sending a few hundred emails at a time then you don’t need your own mail server – the one your hosting provider supplies will usually be fine. If you want to send more than a few thousand emails contact us and we can offer some recommendations on email delivery servers.

What if I don’t like the software or change my mind?

We’re in the business of delighting customers with our software and support, and we are looking to having you on board. If you are not satisfied for any reason contact us to see how we can make it right.

Can I get my subscribers into your software if I switch from a cloud hosted service?

Absolutely! You can import new subscribers into Interspire Email Marketer using the handy wizard on the dashboard. All you need to do is upload an exported file with all your subscriber details and it does the rest for you!

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