This product was discontinued on July 1st 2012, however all existing customers will continue to receive support as per their maintenance agreement. Learn more.

Feature Tour

Interspire Knowledge Manager makes publishing, sharing and collaborating on knowledge easy. Click on a feature below to learn more about it. If you require a particular feature and cannot find it listed below, please contact us.

  • Publish
    Share knowledge, including Microsoft Office documents and PDF files from your web browser.
  • LDAP Integration
    Workflow NEW!
    Create permission-based workflows for publishing and updating knowledge items.
  • LDAP Integration
    LDAP Integration NEW!
    Integrate users and groups from Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, etc.
  • Feedback
    Various feedback mechanisms help to improve quality of knowledge including "helpful" ratings.
  • Attachments
    Attach files to articles and search the contents of Microsoft Office and PDF attachments easily.
  • Publish Dates
    Publish Dates
    Set start/expiry dates to show time-sensitive knowledge items only when required.
  • Active Response
    Active Response
    Provide commonly requested knowledge in response to search words as they are typed.
  • Quick Edit
    Quick Add & Edit
    Add new knowledge and change existing entries while browsing your knowledge base.
  • Search
    Fast search of knowledge items including META data, custom fields and attachments.
  • Syndicate
    Share content via RSS with automatic syndication of categories, hot topics, etc.
  • Themes
    Choose from included themes or integrate into your existing website or intranet design.
  • Users
    Multiple user accounts which can be assigned to local or LDAP groups.
  • Print
    Printer friendly versions of all knowledge items are only a click away.
  • PDF Export
    PDF Export
    Export knowledge items into PDF format for printing or archiving in just one click.
  • Email
    Send links to knowledge items via email to friends, customers or associates.
  • Backups
    Backup your entire knowledge base in just a few clicks from the control panel.
  • Related Articles
    Related Knowledge Items
    Related knowledge items are detected and shown automatically to facilitate easy browsing.
  • Custom Fields
    Custom Fields
    Create, assign, filter and search unlimited custom data fields for knowledge items.
  • Statistics
    Get a complete overview of how customers, staff and partners are using your knowledge base.
  • Import
    Import existing knowledge items using the CSV-based import wizard.
  • Groups
    Flexible group-based permissions for granular control over your entire knowledge base.