Installations and Migrations

Email Marketer Installation Guide System Requirements Make sure that your system meets the server requirements. The easiest way to check that your server meets our software’s requirements is to upload our check_iem.php script to your server’s base website directory, and load it in your browser. If you see NOT OK in red on that page, … Read more

Rebranding & Private Labeling

Rebranding & Private Labeling FAQ: How can I remove or change the “Powered By…” footer on website forms? To modify the website form’s footer, just follow these steps: Log in to the FTP server where Email Marketer is installed and navigate to the folder where Email Marketer is located Open /admin/com/language/default/whitelabel.php Modify LNG_Form_Branding (approx. line 143) On … Read more


Settings FAQ: How do I enable the Private Label Settings? If you cannot find the ‘Private Label’ tab in the settings section then it is most likely disabled. Follow these steps to enable it: Open /admin/com/language/default/whitelabel.php At the very bottom of the file set APPLICATION_SHOW_WHITELABEL_MENU to TRUE. You may need to clear your browsers cache … Read more


Email Marketer Upgrade Guide Please read every step of the relevant instructions before undertaking the first step. It is always a good idea to backup your data before performing any sort of update. Before you begin the upgrade process, you must ensure that you have a full backup of your database. After you have backed … Read more