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How do I migrate Interspire Email Marketer from one server to another?

Migrating from one server to another is a relatively simple process.

Before you get started, make sure the new server meets our software's requirements by downloading our check_iem.php script, uploading it to your server, and loading it in your browser. If anything is listed as "NOT OK", troubleshoot this with your webhost.

To begin the migration, export your Interspire Email Marketer database. To do that, you'll need access to a database tool such as PHPMyAdmin or Adminer. You should be able to get this information by contacting your web hosting provider and either asking them to provide you with a database tool, or for them to provide you with the backup file.

Once the backup is complete you can copy your existing Interspire Email Marketer files from your current server over to the new server.

Then you'll need to import the database that you backed up from your existing server to the new one. You can do this also by using a tool such as PHPMyAdmin or by contacting the web hosting provider of the new server.

Finally, edit the configuration file located in 'admin/includes/config.php' so that it contains the information for your new server. (Database server name, database user, database password, new license key if your domain has changed -- you'll need to contact us to regenerate a license key for you -- new application URL if changed, new server time if changed)

Once this is done you can then login to Interspire Email Marketer using your old user name and password.

Remember to remove your old installation from your old server and to remove any cron jobs that you may have had set up.

If you are changing URLs, and have recently sent out email campaigns where you want the links to still work and track properly, then place a .htaccess file on the old server in the Email Marketer folder like the following:

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

This will redirect all requests for Email Marketer links to the new domain, so links and open rate continue to work. This .htaccess file may need additional modification depending on your server environment and setup. Please contact your webhost if you need help troubleshooting.

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