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Can WebEdit NX run in Safe Mode? / What file handling functions are required to run WebEdit NX?

This information is intended for server administrators as a guide on getting the server ready for WebEdit NX.

WebEdit is a PHP script to edit the web site. As such, PHP needs to have complete access to the files it needs to edit.

WebEdit will use the following functions:
General Functions
The set_time_limit is necessary in a few servers, but it can be turned off in the init.php and in the admin/init.php files.

File Handling Functions
These are for handling the files. These functions have to be allowed to work in every directory that WebEdit is supposed to edit.

This function will be called only if mkdir, rmdir, rename, copy, unlink, file, fopen, fwrite, move_uploaded_file or file_get_contents fail. It will try to overcome the ownership clash of the file by applying 0777 to the file and directory, trying to do whatever it was doing again, and reverting the permissions back to what it was once it has finished. It will be executed both on the file and on the parent.

Safe Mode can be preventing PHP from using these functions. To find out how Safe Mode can affect PHP, check the PHP website here:
and here

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