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Can I save my new customer details to a mailing list?

Yes. To save the details of new customers that place an order through your store, follow the steps below:

  • Create a mailing list in your copy of Interspire SendStudio where you want to save your customers details
  • Optionally create custom fields and assign them to your new mailing list to save other details of each customer's order: first name, last name, full name, zip/postcode, country, order amount, payment method, shipping method
  • Integrate Interspire SendStudio into your store (see this article for help)
  • Click the Settings -> SendStudio Settings -> SendStudio Integration tab
  • Tick the Yes, use SendStudio to capture new customer details from my store checkbox
  • Choose the mailing list that you created above from the Add customers to this mailing list dropdown
  • You will then see a list of order details which can optionally be saved into custom fields for that mailing list
  • Click Save

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