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How do I import images when importing products?

When importing products into your store from the Products -> Import Products page, you can specify which field in your CSV file contains details about the product's image. Product images can be imported in two ways:
  1. By specifying the full HTTP path to the image in your CSV file, such as
  2. By first upload all images for your products into the product_images/import/ folder in your store's directory and then specifying just the filename of the image in your CSV file, such as widget_blue.jpg
If your server has the GD image library installed then thumbnail images will be generated and saved automatically. If not, or if you already have thumbnail images for your products, you should save them as thumbnail_{IMAGE NAME} in the product_images/import folder. For example, if your product's image is widget_blue.jpg then the importer will check for a file called thumb_widget_blue.jpg. If it doesn't exist then it will attempt to create the thumbnail automatically if the GD image library is available. If not, a thumbnail image will not be generated for that product.

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