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Why do I have to continually restart my email campaigns?

The most common reason for this is that your host has set restrictions on your server so that processes are not run for over a particular length of time. This is to cover themselves so that if someone runs a malicious script it will not run forever. This limit for instance could be set to kill any process that runs for an hour.

That means if your scheduled task job takes longer than 1 hour 1 minute to finish, then the server will kill it off.

If you are sending a lot of email (eg you have 30,000 contacts), this may mean it gets killed off before all of the emails get sent.

Interspire Email Marketer should handle this and automatically pick up from where it left off (it will not start again from scratch and re-send to the first X contacts).

It does not mean php.exe will run 24/7. When the scheduled task runs it will:

- see if any emails need to be sent.
- see if any autoresponders need to be sent.
- perform any automatic bounce processing that needs to be done.

If there are no email campaigns to be sent, that step is skipped. Same for autoresponders and bounce processing.

So it will only run long enough to perform everything it needs and nothing else.

It also handles overlapping tasks (eg you send to 30,000 contacts and it takes longer than 1 hour to run, when the second scheduled task runs it will not start the same email campaign send again).

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