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I've changed my shopping cart domain and now I can't log in!

Shopping Cart keeps a configuration variable aside to store the URL to your website. If the URL pointing to your store has changed, then you will need to change the configuration variable. This configuration variable is kept in the config/config.php file and it is called ShopPath. Change the domain name that is stored in there to your new domain name. Only change the domain name part (eg: If my only URL was and my name domain name is newurl then my new ShopPath value would be unless you have also physically moved your Shopping Cart directory. If so, you will also need to change the AppPath configuration variable aswell to point to your new directory path.

This will only be affected for user who change their domain name only. Changing DNS or hosting providers should still be OK, just give it a good day or so for those changes to replicate to your Internet provider.

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