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How do I use shipping zones based on postal or zip codes with wild cards?

If you would like to setup shipping zones by certain postal or zip codes then the shopping cart supports this. If you are setting up a shipping zone for just a couple postal or zip codes then this can be an easy task, however, if you are setting up a zone for a range of codes or multiple codes then this can be achieved with using wild cards. Follow the instructions below to setup shipping zones based on postal or zip codes. If you are going to use wild cards an explanation and examples will be given after the instructions.
  1. Make sure you are logged into the control panel of your shopping cart. Then click the blue Settings link at the top of the page to make a drop down menu appear.
  2. In the drop down menu click the Shipping Settings link to be taken to the proper page.
  3. You will then want to click the Shipping Zones tab.
  4. If you haven't already created a shipping zone then click the Add a Shipping Zone button. If you have a zone that you would like to modify to use postal or zip codes then click the Edit Settings link that corresponds with the zone you want to edit.
  5. Look for the Shipping Zone Settings section of the page. Once found you will want to click the radio button that says This shipping zone is based on one or more postal or ZIP codes. This will give you a drop down box to choose your country and a text box to enter the postal or zip codes.
  6. Enter the postal or zip codes that you want to fall into this zone into the text box.
  7. Enter any other required information for the zone if you have not already done so then click the Save button.
You can use wild cards to customize the codes that you enter. The two supported wild cards are the "*", and "?".

The * will substitute any number from its position all the way right.
  • 665* means any number greater then 665 will be accepted.
The ? will substitute any number, but only in the place that it is in.
  • 665? means only 0-9 can be used in place of the question mark.
Now lets say you have a range of codes you would like to use. For example, 66500 - 66509. You can use the wild cards to achieve this. If you enter the code below you can achieve a range.


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