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I'm upgrading from SendStudio 2004 to Interspire Email Marketer and my server has Safe Mode on. What extra steps do I need to take ?

Additional Upgrade Steps Required for Servers Running in Safe Mode

Some servers may have PHP "Safe Mode" switched on. If you're able to ask your web host to turn off safe mode, then you'll be able to avoid these extra steps. Whether "Safe Mode" really does help server security is a debatable topic, we believe that it's not necessary.

When "Safe Mode" is switched on, PHP scripts cannot create directories or access the directories they create. Interspire Email Marketer needs to create directories in order to function correctly. If Safe Mode is ON then we can create these directories manually using a standard FTP client, bypassing the Safe Mode restriction.

You might also get an error that looks like this:
Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: SAFE MODE Restriction in effect.
Step 1. Move the iem/temp/images (From SendStudio 2004) to the iem/admin/temp and rename it to users. Your end result would look like this: iem/admin/temp/users

Step 2. Create a "send", "autoresponder", "autoresponders", "templates", and "newsletters" directory inside the iem/admin/temp directory.

Under each of the "templates", "autoresponders" and "newsletters" directory you will need to create a numbered directory (i.e. 1, 2, 3 etc) for each templates, autoresponder and newsletter you have (or are planning on having). Underneath each of these you need to create an attachments directory.

Alternatively, you can download the attachment we've created that contains these directory structures which you can then upload into your "temp" folder. The archive attached contains a lot of directories so it could take a short while to upload.

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