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Can I search or filter customers based on specific values?

Yes. Customers can be searched or filtered from the Search Customers page. Here's how:
  1. Click the Customers tab and then choose the Search Customers option
  2. You will now see a list of search criteria which you can use to find specific customers
  3. Any search options you choose from this page will be combined when searching for customers. For example, if you choose a country and a date joined, then only customers from that country AND those who joined during the chosen date range will be displayed in the search results
  4. When you click the Search button, any customers matching your search criteria will be displayed
After searching for customers you can export the list to your computer as a CSV or XML file. For more information on how to export customers please see this article.

Creating Customer Views

If you find yourself constantly searching for the same customers then you may want to create a customer view instead. A customer view allows you to create a filtered list of customers which is always accessible from the views dropdown list on the View Customers page, like so:

To create a customer view just follow these steps:
  1. Double click on the Customers tab to see your list of customers
  2. You will see a blue link next to the main View: heading
  3. Click this link and you will see a list of customer views. By default there will only be one customer view called All Customers
  4. Click the Create a New View... from the views menu
  5. You will see a form nearly identical to the customer search form
  6. Fill out the form to create a list of customers who match your required criteria
  7. In the Name this View field, type a name for your new customer's view, such as "Customers from California"
  8. Click Save
  9. You will now be taken back to the View Customers page, and you will notice that the new view you created is automatically displayed
  10. To switch back to the default view of All Customers, just click the blue link next to View: and choose the All Customers view

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