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How can I create and assign a variation to a product?

Product variations allow you to sell one product with multiple options. For example, if you sell t-shirts, then you might want to offer the same t-shirt in different sizes, colors and styles. In this article you'll learn how to create and assign a variation to a product, complete with per-option product images, inventory control, price and weight variations.

Creating a Product Variation

Follow the steps below:
  1. Login to your store's control panel and click the Products tab then then Product Variations menu option
  2. No product variations will exist, so click the Add a Product Variation... button
  3. Type T-Shirt Variations into the Variation Name field
  4. The Variation Options field is where you can specify the different options you want to sell from your store
  5. The default example included when you add a product variation looks like this:

  6. Click on the + or - icon next to an variation category (eg. Color, Size) to add or delete an variation category.
  7. Click on the + or - icon next to each variation option (eg. Red, Blue) to add or delete an variation option field. 
  8. You can also arrange the order of the variation categories and options by drag and drop.
  9. Click Save to add the product variation into the system

Assigning a Product Variation

Once you've created a product variation, you can assign it to as many products as you like. Follow the steps below to assign a variation to a product:
  1. Either create a new product, or edit an existing one. In this example we will edit an existing product
  2. On the add/edit product page, click the Inventory Tracking tab and choose the Track inventory by product variations option (this step is optional)
  3. Next, click the Product Variations tab
  4. Click the Will use a product variation I've already created option under the Product Variation Options section
  5. A list of available product variations will appear:

  6. Choose the T-Shirt Variations variation we created earlier
  7. You'll notice a list of options now appear in a table:

  8. You can enter a SKU, change price and weight, upload an image and modify stock levels on a per-option basis. To stop an option appearing in your store, simply untick its checkbox
  9. When you've finished entering details for each option, click Save & Exit to save your changes
  10. When you view the product in your store, you will see the product options displayed above the Add to Cart button on the product pages

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