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How does attachment searching work?

In General

Plugins generally require that either a specific PHP function/library is available or that a specific program is in the system path, so you should consult your systems administrator or web master to help you with this. When looking for a specific program, the program must be in the system path for it to be available for use. On Linux this is usually /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin folder. On Windows this is usually the c:\windows or c:\windows\system32 directory (although you can change the path to look in more locations).

If you are unsure what the system path is or where to put the files, just put them in the ‘lib/search/plugins’ directory of your knowledge base as this is also checked for the programs.

Microsoft Word Documents

Word documents require the program antiword to be indexed. Antiword is available for lots of different operating systems from here.

Microsoft Word 2007 Documents

Word 2007 documents have a different format to previous versions so they need to be handled by a different plugin. The only required to search and index Word 2007 documents is that PHP have the zip library enabled.

Microsoft Powerpoint Documents

Powerpoint presentations require a program called ppthtml to allow them to be indexed.

Adobe PDF Documents

Adobe PDF documents require a program called pdftohtml to allow them to be indexed.

Image Files

Image files can contain information about the images called EXIF information. To be able to use this plugin, PHP must have EXIF functionality enabled.

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