Adding a Form to Website

Take the following steps to add a form you already created to your website.

  • In your web development application (for example, Adobe Dreamweaver), open the web page into which you want to add the form.
  • In Interspire Email Marketer, go to the Add the form to your website screen. This screen displays after the Designing an error page screen. Either create a new form, or edit and existing form and click Next until you reach this page.
  • Select the code in the Website from HTML code section, and copy it (CTRL‐C).

Note: Bear in mind the warning included at the top of the HTML: “Do not modify the NAME value of any of the INPUT fields, the FORM action, or any of the hidden fields (e.g. input type=hidden). These are all required for this form to function correctly.”

  • In your web development application’s HTML code editing window, paste (CTRL‐V) the code into the required location.

Note: If your web development application requires that you copy files from Interspire Email Marketer, do so.

  • Check, align and modify the form in your web development application’s WYSIWYG or text editor.

Note: When you edit the form, remember that its styles are defined in the form code and are not inherited from your page or CSS. If you want to change the appearance of text, modify the form code (bearing in mind the earlier warning against modifying other aspects of the form).

  • Test the page into which you placed the form in a web browser.
  • With access to the Internet, test the form:
    • Make sure that you are able to sign up to the list (and that the correct confirmation or thank you screen displays) by entering the required information, using an email
      address to which you have access. If you chose double‐opt‐in confirmation, test that the link in the email you receive works correctly.
    • When you attempt to sign up to the list, but do not include a required field, a warning should display. Make sure that required fields are actually required by attempting to sign up without entering one of the required fields. Repeat the test for all required fields.
    • Force an error (by entering an incorrect CAPTCHA security code, for example) to ensure that the error page displays correctly.
  • When you are happy with the form’s appearance and operation, upload the page to your website.
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