Image Manager

Image manager allows you to upload images from your computer to use when creating content for your email campaigns. This screen will help you organize the images you want to use for your email campaigns.

Viewing Images

To view images that you already uploaded, click Email Campaigns in the navigation bar, then select Image Manager. This screen allows you to:

  • Upload image(s) from your files.
  • Delete image(s).
  • Rename image(s).

Viewing Image Manager

Upload ImagesClick this to begin uploading your image(s). See Uploading and Managing Images
Delete SelectedSelect one or more of the images’ checkboxes and click this to remove the image(s) from Interspire Email Marketer.
select boxes iconSelect a checkbox belonging to an image you want to be removed.
Select the box at the top to select all images.
Image Name boxThis displays the name of the image.
Delete this ImageClick this to remove an image immediately.

Uploading and Managing Images


Image Manager

Take the following steps to upload and manage images from your computer:

  • Click Email Campaigns in the navigation bar and select Image Manager.
  • Click the Upload Images button.
  • Click the Choose File button to open your files.
  • Select an image you want to upload by clicking Open.
  • Once you select an image, more fields will become available to select additional images.
Uploading Images

Uploading Images

  • You can click Clear to remove image(s) that you have decided not to upload.
  • Click Upload to start uploading images.
  • As an alternative, click Cancel to disregard the uploading process.
  • To rename the image you uploaded, click the file name and enter the title or image name you want. Click Save to proceed with the changes or click Cancel for no changes.
  • To delete image(s), you can either click the Delete this Image button or select one or more of the images’ checkboxes and click Delete Selected.
  • To use the images you uploaded for your email campaigns, go to Inserting and Editing Images for more information.
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