Importing and Exporting Contacts

Importing Contacts

Take the following steps to import contact information from a CSV file to Interspire Email Marketer.

  • Click Contacts in the navigation bar, then click Import contacts from a file.
  • Select the contact list (or lists) to which you want to import contacts in the Contact list field.
Figure 45 Define File Parameters

Define File Parameters

  • In the Import details section, define how you want to import the contacts:

    • If you intend to send confirmation emails to the contacts in the future (as part of a double‐opt‐in procedure), select Unconfirmed in the Mark as confirmed list. Otherwise, select Confirmed.
    • If you want to configure imported contacts to receive plain text emails only, select Text in the Format list. Otherwise, select HTML.

    Note: HTML contacts can receive both HTML and text emails.

    • When you select Yes, overwrite existing contact details, an email address that is already stored in the contact list is overwritten if the same address appears in the imported contact list.
    • When you select Yes, add contacts to autoresponders, any autoresponders created for this list are sent out to the imported contacts. If you deselect this option, the imported contacts do not receive autoresponders.
      If you are not sure, deselect this option.
  • In the File details section, specify how the file you want to import is configured:

    • If the file you want to import contains headers (a line of information at the start of the file that defines field names), select Yes, this file contains headers.

    Note: The names of field headers should be separated by the character you specify in the Field separator field.

    • Specify the Field separator your file uses to identify where fields begin and end.

    Note: In a CSV file, the field separator is usually a comma.

    • If your file uses a character to enclose fields information, enter it here. If you are not sure, leave this field blank.
    • If you want to import a file from your computer, select Upload a file from my computer and click Browse to locate the file.
    • If you want to import a file that is already on the Interspire Email Marketer server, select Import a file from my web site and select the file.

Note: Upload the file to the server’s Admin / Import folder first.

  • Click Next.
define field mapping

Define Field Mapping

  • This screen allows you to map the fields in the imported file with fields in Interspire Email Marketer’s contact list.
    The text on the left of the screen displays the fields in the imported file. Select the contact list field to which each field should map.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Start importing.

When the process is complete, a screen displays with a report of the results.

contact import report

Contact Import Report

Exporting Contacts

Take the following steps to export contacts to a CSV (Comma‐Separated Value) or XML (Extensible Markup Language) file:

Note: You can export all contacts from a list (or multiple lists), or export only contacts who match certain criteria.

  • Click Contacts in the navigation bar, then click Export contacts to a file.
Figure 50 Export Contacts

Export Contacts To a File

  • Tick the checkbox if you want to filter the contacts you want to export from the selected list(s). .
  • Select the contact list (or lists) you want to export in the Contact list field. To search for a list, enter your search term in the field below.
  • If you selected Export specific contacts from within the selected contact list, a screen displays allowing you to refine your criteria. See Configure the Filter by basic details fields in Searching your Contacts for information on configuring the fields in this screen.
    Click Next when you have finished.
Figure 51 Specify Contact File Details

Specify Contact File Details

  • Specify a File format:

    • Choose whether to export a CSV file or an XML file.
  • If you chose CSV file, choose your Export options:

    Note: This section does not display if you selected XML file in the File format section.

    Note: If you are unsure what to select in this section, leave these fields at their defaults.

    • Choose whether or not to Include field headers. If you include field headers, the first line of your file specifies field headers (for example, “Email, Format, Status”).
    • Specify a Field separator character. This is the character that separates pieces of information in the file.
    • Specify a Field enclosed by character. If you enter a character in this field, the character appears to either side of each piece of information in the file.
  • Select the information fields you want to include in the exported CSV or XML file in the Fields to include section.

  • Click Next.

  • Click Start exporting. Interspire Email Marketer prepares the file.

    When the file is ready, the following screen displays.

download contacts file

Download Contacts File

  • Click Click here to download the export file or right‐click Click here to download the export file and select Save link as.
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