Tags and Tabs

The Tags and Tabs section displays at the bottom of the HTML editor screen. See HTML Editor Overview for reference.

Using Tags

When you click a section of your email document in the WYSIWYG editor, a variety of HTML tags display beneath the edit window. The tags that display are those that affect the element you select.

For example, if you select a piece of text in a table cell that is part of a table in the body of the HTML, the tags that display are those that define the cell, the table row, the table column, the table itself, and the body.

Use the HTML tags to precisely select HTML elements and the editing shortcuts for text, table, image, etc. will appear.

Using Tabs

The drop-down menu tab at the bottom of the HTML editor allows you to insert the following links to your content:

  • Custom Fields
  • Unsubscribe Link
  • Dynamic Content Tag
  • Survey Link

The image shown below displays for both editors:


Drop-down Menu Tab

  • These tabs, except for Insert Unsubscribe Link are also available in the Design Tools of WYSIWYG. See WYSIWYG HTML Design Tools.
  • Click Insert Unsubscribe Link to place the %%unsubscribelink%% variable at the insertion point. This creates a link the recipient can click to be removed from the contact list.
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