Validating an Email

Like web browsers, popular email clients display HTML in different ways. However, email clients are even less consistent than web browsers. For example, some email clients fail to support basic HTML techniques such as forms and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). For this reason, it is highly important to check that your HTML email will display acceptably in all common email clients.

Do this using Interspire Email Marketer’s Email validation feature. This feature tests your email by mimicking common email clients display inconsistencies and displaying the results on a single screen.

Note: Interspire Email Marketer’s built‐in templates are already optimized to display optimally in all common email clients.

Note: This feature is not available in all instances of the HTML editor (those that allow you to design web pages, for instance).

Take the following steps to validate your HTML document:

  • In the screen where you define your document, scroll down to the Email Validation section.

  • Click Check your email campaign for spam keywords button.

    • The Check Your Email for Spam screen appears.
    • Your email will be checked for spam words and the screen contains your spam threshold score.
    • The highest rating is 5 and the lowest is 1. The higher your spam threshold score is, the lesser the chances of your email to be delivered.
    • If the spam threshold score is high, remove or edit the spam words until you get a lower score.
  • Click View your email in different email programs button.
    The Email Validation screen is divided into three parts.

    • Preview Bar: Located at the top of the screen. Use this to select the email client you want Interspire Email Marketer to emulate in the validation window. By default, the Original HTML version displays.
      In the drop‐down list box, select HTML preview to see how the HTML email will look in the specified client, or select Text preview to see how the text version of the email will look.
    • Rule Bar: Located at the left side of the screen. Use this to see whether if your email breaks any of the rules used by each popular email client. If your email is completely compliant with a client’s rules, a correct_iconicon displays. If it is not completely compliant, a incorrect_iconicon displays.

    Note: Just because a incorrect_iconicon displays does not necessarily mean that your email will display poorly; there are many ways in which an email may break a client’s rules without significant problems. Read the error message that displays beneath the icon and check the email by clicking on the client program’s name in the preview bar.

    • Validation window: Use this to check how your email displays in the client you choose in the preview bar.
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