The Home Screen

This chapter discusses the screen that displays when you click the Home link in the toolbar.

Note: This is the screen that displays by default when you log in.


The Home Link

Using the Home Screen

  • Click Home in the toolbar.

The Home Screen

The Home Screen

Let’s Get StartedThis section displays a shortcut to managing lists and creating an email. Click the links and follow the instructions.

Note: If this screen does not display, click Switch to Quick Links.
I would like toThis section displays links to some common Interspire Email Marketer tasks.

Note: If this section does not display, click Switch to quick links.
Contact activity for the last seven daysThis graph in the upper half of the screen illustrates the activity of your contacts in the last week.
- Unconfirmed contacts are people who have been added to one of your contact lists, but have not yet confirmed that they want to receive emails.
- Confirmed contacts are people who have confirmed that they want to receive emails (by clicking a link in a confirmation email). You can also confirm contacts yourself.
- Unsubscribes are people who do not want to receive your emails anymore (by clicking the Unsubscribe link).
- Bounces are people who were not able to receive your email.
- Forwards
Recently Edited CampaignsThis section displays name and the links of all your email campaigns: All Campaigns, Scheduled, Sent, and Archived.

Note: Click the View All Campaigns button to go to the View Email Campaigns screen.
Recently Created Contact ListsThis section displays a shortcut to your recently created contact lists.

Note: Click the See All Contact Lists button to be directed to the View Contact Lists screen.
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